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Several days later, a walk through the neighborhood proved fruitful. With varying degrees of hesitancy, a handful of local business owners admitted to similar misfortunes. One had reported the incident to the police but no action had been forthcoming. The others had cleaned up and returned themselves to work, knowing there was nothing that could really be done. Those who'd lived and worked in the East End for decades weren't about to let a little spray paint and a few broken windows drive them away.

The day ended on a sad and unsettling note. Leslie stepped into the corner store to buy herself something to drink. The face behind the counter was unfamiliar.

"Is Anthony finally taking a day off?" She placed a five dollar bill between them.

The teenager took the money and started to make change. "Didn't you hear?"

Leslie's heart sank. "Hear what?"

"The old man died of a heart attack the day before yesterday. I guess his daughter is going to run the place now. I haven't met her yet. I hear she's --- You alright, lady?"

Stunned, Leslie couldn't find the words to reply.


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